All Inclusive Food!

At Minstrel Court many Couples choose our great value all inclusive special deals. As far as food goes, this includes;

Canapes (see selection under 'Ideas')
Main Course of roast chicken or pork served with gravy or sauce and a selection of seasonal vegetables
Sweet Course (for some suggestions look under 'Desserts')
Evening Buffet (Buffet 1 - to change or extend this just pay the difference between your chosen evening option) - for different evening ideas see under 'buffets'
Any aspect of our deals are flexible and may be changed - for instance, Bacon Rolls in the evening instead of a buffet. You can also add a starter course from £7.95. Our all inclusive main courses include one main course and a vegetarian option plus any special diets. We can offer a choice of two pre-selected courses (main or dessert) for an extra £1.50 per person
See below for some other suggestions and the uplift charge pp - this list is not comprehensive and we are always open to suggestions!

NOTE - once booked, the package prices are guaranteed and the price and everything included will not change. The upgrades below are current prices and may change slightly

Inclusive Offer Main Course includes;

Roast Chicken or Roast Pork served with chipolata, stuffing and gravy or sauce plus;
3 accompanying dishes (suggestions below)
Chipped, Roast or New Potatoes (£3.00 supplement for  Dauphinoise)
Mixed Breads
Salad (mixed  leaf/Coleslaw/Pasta/Rice/Potato etc
Veg cooked in a variety of ways - Honey  roast/mixed/seasonal/mushy peas etc

Menu Upgrades
Pan Fried Chicken wrapped in pancetta served with a rich red wine sauce - £2.30pp
Baked Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese served with a creamy white wine sauce - £3.95pp
Roast Lamb, plated,served with a rich redcurrant gravy and mint sauce - 6.95pp
Extra accompaniments -£3.55pp
Plus a vegetarian option/special diet option
We include all relevant sauces (ie, Mint with  lamb, Tartar with fish and Apple with Pork, Mango with Curry)

Vegetarian and Vegan options
Popular choices include:
Provencal stuffed peppers,
Roasted aubergine, Courgette and pepper stack with homemade tomato sauce,
Jerk style cauliflower steaks,
Aduki bean casserole with sweet potatoes,
Tomato, Goats cheese and Red Onion Tarts,
Mediterranean Vegetarian Wellington - Crisp vegetables pan fried and roasted with fine herbs and olive oil, entwined with a rich Mediterranean tomato sauce encased in a light puff pastry case
Tomato and cheese aubergine stack (Vegan option available)
Ratatouille lasagne (Vegan),
Vegetable Crumble (Vegan),
Moroccan Pie (Vegan + GF) - a delicious vegan mix of butternut squash, spinach, almonds, ginger and raisins in a filo pastry case!

As an upgrade to our all inclusive packages, listed below are some more options available for a small  supplement per person (as usual we are always open to other suggestions!)

Roast Lamb à la table - £10.99!
Roasted with Rosemary and served with a rich redcurrant gravy and mint sauce! We put a generous joint on each table and provide a chefs hat and carving set so one of your guests can carve - a real wow factor and a great way to get people talking!

Roast Pork à la table - as above served with crackling, stuffing, chipolata, apple sauce with a meaty gravy - £3.95

Fish and Chips served on a platter at the table with all the accompaniments/sauces - £6.75
accompaniment suggestions - Chips/mushy/fresh peas etc

Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with braised red cabbage and a mint sauce - £10.99

Paella (min 60) - we include a vegetarian Paella if required)
We can either serve to each table or guests can line up  but this can take some time!
Full traditional - £13.99
Chicken and Chorizo - £11.99
Salads/Breads etc

Fajitas - £7.99 - Chicken or Vegetarian
Ingredients served to the Table so guests can  help themselves including Tortillas/sauces/Dips etc.
accompaniment suggestions - Salads/Spicy  Wedges

Tapas/Meze - from £8.99 depending on ingredients  inc Vegetarian option
Served to the table on wooden boards with  sauces/Dips etc
accompaniment suggestions - Speciality  Breads/Salads

Indian - from £9.99 depending on ingredients
We normally include one Spicy curry (to your  taste), one Mild curry, one Vegetarian Curry, Naan Bread, Poppadoms, rice and all the relevant sauces/chutneys all served to the table for guests to  help themselves

Afternoon Tea - from £8.99 depending on ingredients
A delicious selection of Sandwiches/Scones and  cakes served to the table including jams/Clotted cream etc plus freshly brewed tea!

Picnic Platter - from £7.99 depending on ingredients
A Selection of Sandwiches, Pies and Cheeses  followed by Scones and Cream!

Barbecue - from £8.99 depending on ingredients -  including a vegetarian option
Our Basic Barbecue includes a speciality  Sausage, Chicken prepared in some way (Jerk for instance) and a Burger, served to  the table on sharing platters with all the trimmings/sauces/Salads etc

Hog Roast - £8.99 (min 85) - we can serve fewer but the cost pp will increase slightly)
Succulent Spit roast Pig plattered and served  to the table with crispy crackling, sausages, stuffing and apple sauce with full accompaniments!

Slow Roast Pork - £5.99
If you do not have the numbers for a whole pig, we can slow roast joints of succulent pork and serve it plattered like a full hog roast, served to the table with crispy crackling, sausages, stuffing and apple sauce with full accompaniments!

Pan Fried Salmon with a citrus glaze - £10.99

Individual Shepherds Pie - £7.99
Minced Lamb in a rich gravy with a creamy  topping of Mashed Potatoes

Individual Pies/Duo of Pies - from £7.99 (various fillings such as Chicken and Mushroom, Steak and ale etc)